Promoting Men’s Mental Health with AWARE NI


Suicide is the leading killer of men under 50 in Northern Ireland.

AWARE, the leading depression charity in NI, brought in Place Proud (a Film Quarter brand) to provide expert input on their promotional video.

15 June 2020 marked the start of Men’s Health Week and AWARE wanted to use this as an opportunity to shine a light on the issue of poor mental health across men in the country.

We worked collaboratively with AWARE, bringing our expertise in filmmaking and marketing strategy.

What we did

  • Production of high-quality video content
  • Marketing strategy and advice
  • Ongoing visuals and campaign support

The video


  • 25,000+ combined video views.
  • Almost 700k total organic social media impressions.
  • An increase of of almost 600 total followers to AWARE’s social media accounts.
  • Social media support from a range of organisations across NI, including Department of Justice, NI Chamber of Commerce, Probation Board for Northern Ireland, Sport NI, Southern HSC Trust, and more.
  • Social media support from a range of NI public figures and personalities, including Chris Suitor (Suitor Bros), Cate Conway (U105), Viny Hurrell (BBC), Paulo Ross (Cool FM), and more.


“A great piece of work and so pleased for the expertise and support of Place Proud!”

Karen Collins, Chief Executive at AWARE

“I am absolutely blown away by the video.  The editing and extras have made the video fantastically powerful and actually gave me goosebumps!”

Lisa Abell-Farrelly, Corporate Relationship Officer at AWARE